Changing is coming

Soooooo .. life has been kinda uninterestingly( is dat a word ? lol) 
repetitive for too long and if there is one  thing that me no likey is 
being bored the fck out of my mind .

Everything is great , love my hubby so much 
but there is no challenges 
and spontaneous adventures anymore.
I think its a phase that i have to go through ..
and i feel like i had enough of this now ?

And i have tried to be much more tame , 
less outgoing , more dull.. i've changed a lot 
so i can be " acceptable " 
cuz now that im married and whatnot

the thing is , all of this , combined
is gruesomely killing my creativity
i am seriously out of my freaking juice yo 

enough of me being dull
just so i can fit in this new phase of my life
its not helping with my productivity either
 cuz no matter what i do there will be people 
who going to roll their eyes like im somekind of trash
so whats the point , trying so hard to be people pleaser..
this making me sad more than ever

so from now on 
im going to be ME .

watch out world cuz IM COMING BACK !

krikk .. krikk .. krikkk 




  1. Join CKOM2017 tak dillz? I'm thinking of joining~ :3

  2. i think humans isnt thankful enuf huh!
    well thats human we are not alien! haha

  3. Tak lama lagi jadi mommy pulak....


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  5. Macam mana plak aku tersampai sini pada tahun 2018? lol