Making my first BJD part 1

<<<< WARNING this post  contain doll nudity >>>>

* Cleaning up dust *

Damn , its been 2 years  since
I said I'll be back hehe

but here I am 

Im back ~~~  And this time I have a reason
to stick around in this blog , 

I finally found a hobby that I can be
interested at for longer than 2 weeks . 
I am totally obsessed with it .

I tried so many things before , I believe I could learn to do 
anything if I concentrate enough , but for the past several years ..
i kinda lose that focus . I kinda forgot how to be ME.  

Nothing feels right , it was painful ..  its like im inside a limbo , 
just an empty shell going through the motion . The combination of 
social anxiety disorder and mental block is one hell of a nightmare .
For those who battling the same kind of depression as i do , 
trust me , no one can help us .. especially those judgmental a-hole..

So please , find something that could ignite the fire in your soul .
Only you can save yourself .

Okay , enough with that depressing monologue lol 
I wanna introduce to you guys my latest project , 
my fire , my muse , my passion  which is BJD

BJD as in Ball Jointed Doll 

credit : popovy sisters bjd 

Bjd is a hand crafted dolls with jointed body parts , 
yeah im kinda totally into this recently . 
I've been posting progress of my creation on social media , 
but since the progress will include doll nudity it may be inappropriate 
and it might make some people feels uncomfortable .

So for the rest of my creation journey , will be mostly documented in this blog . 



haha i kinda changed my alter ego nickname from 
to Inktrovert
so people can tell that i like creative stuff
but i have social anxiety issues .

Bjd blueprint
i designed this myself using procreate 
on my ipad pro . This is how i want my doll to look like , 
she's gonna be slim THICC , 
cuz i like em gurl that way .

BJD Core
Its time to create the doll's core , 
this core is needed so the actual doll 
will have hollow part .
The core supposed to smaller than
the blueprint but I accidentally 
made it way bigger so now the actual doll
are going to be even bigger lol . 

I'm using polymer clay and aluminium foil the create the core ,
i bought most of the clay supplies at ,
and sometimes at nearby art shop that I can find .

look at that curve , my gurl is hawt 

The core is baked using air fryer oven , 180c for 10 minutes
* it has to be wrapped in aluminium foil tightly 
or the core's surface will be burnt *

After sculpting and baking for hours , the doll's
core is finally done . I used total of 250g of polymer clay .
Which is around Rm18 . 

Next will be making the outer layer of the bjd doll 
which will be made using a stone paper clay .

Im using La Doll premix clay for the next step,
not sure if its going to be easy to work with , 
since it is an air dry clay type ,
 the texture will be different than polymer clay . 

The price for this clay is Rm30++ each , (400g)

Testing my doll with  clay beads as temporary joint , 
the actual doll , the outer layer will look different than this .
Hopefully it will look close enough to my imagination .


Thank you for reading this , 
and stay tune for the next part of my BJD creation progress update .