It has been a while

                                                           Im back !

It has been a while since i am no longer active in blogging , but social media has gotten pretty stale and it lacks of " intimate space " to write stuffs , a piece of my mind ..
it feels like if i write an update status,
i am forcing people to read it on their news feed , 
so here i am , another attempt to slowly making my way back to blogging .

I still dont know what kind of 2017 ish blogger i wanna be 
but i already signed up for adsense 
so i guess i have to create interesting contents 
to potentially generate revenues here 

anyway here is some of my recent artworks
and i am currently creating an apps !
Will write about all that later :)

im trying my very best to upgrade my digital painting skill 

anyway , i will have plenty to write soon 

so thats all for now 

buh bye


  1. I'll be waiting for your comeback in the blogging world, make it grand bebeh! ;3