ANIMATION : Toon boom harmony 12

Holy grail of 2D animation !

*i created this gif for a client , do not steal it or there might be consequences

Toon boom is the freaking best of all
for me lah 
since 2013 lagi 
aku dah pakai toon boom 
tapi masa tu paling advance pun 
Tb Animate pro 1/ 2 

Recently , aku dah try pakai yg paling latest 
which is freaking awesomeeeeeeee
tapi superrrr mahal 
so aku mmpu pakai trial aje lah :P

so i have tested out the software and made several video test 
check it out :)

 1. Drawing test 

tb harmony 12 simple character design (drawing test ) , total time 8 mins , speed up video x8 ..
im not used to this software yet so yeah excuse me for my bad design, but as for me, the brush is awesome and the cutter tool are super handy , it help to speed up the drawing process a lot . I can use this features in tb animate but it doesnt work really well with sp3 touchscreen device .. harmony 12 is amazing n i only have 20 more days till my trial expired sobssss .

2. Cut out test 

tb harmony 12 complex character design and rigging test , it takes me hourssss to create , color , separate the bodyparts and rig the whole character while hearing my husband cursing the other online ps4 fifa player haha 

during the rigging process , nothing much changed from previous tb animate , i couldnt find anything new that can accelerate the process . There are def new modern tools/features in there that will help to ease and enhance the rigging part but i haven't explore the whole software yet .

3. Bone deformation tool test 

tb harmony 12 deformation rig and animation test , 

i made another character this morning but this time it only took me +-60mins to design n rig the whole char after i learned how to use the deformation tool.

normally i have to cut out all the limbs ,separate them into layers , masking the joints and re-position the pivots which is quite a hassle . With deformation tool i only have to draw a single drawing/layer and apply deformation "bones" on it 

imo this amazing tool not only efficiently speed up the whole rigging process but the animation flow also become a whole lot smoother compared to pivot animation .

3. Animation + lip sync test 

tbh 12 animation + lip sync test 

well ,the lip sync is a bit off .. i need to draw more precise mouth substitution drawings so the lip sync will appear more realistic .. 

anyway i had a lot of fun and learned plenty of stuffs with tbh 12 but since its frikin expensive , i might as well stick to my tbh 10 or tba pro2 for the moment.

Overall tbh 12 are super awesome but of course , no matter how awesome it is , depending on software alone is not enough , plenty of Googling, research and practice are necessary to produce a paperless animation ..

So overall i would say
the best features of harmony 12
are the bone deformation tool
mudah , cepat , smooth
and all the lecturer yg ajar animasi
should update their knowledge
and teach this to the students

if anyone interested , im also selling ebook
how to 2d animate in 10 easy step


Till then , merci and aur revoir


  1. Dilla you are da BOMB! Naise skillz! X3

  2. Wow! This is on another new level.
    Aku berminat nak try tapi macam wow sangat rasanya.
    Bakat ciput aku tak termampu nak menanggungnya. Hehe