SKETCHES : Me X my husband's drawing



i used to be just me ,myself n i

but now i can proudly said that
i am a 26 y/o housewife/working full time 
as an animator ,illustrator freelancer and has been
3+ months officially married to a dude
that has pretty similar hobby 
like mine which is 


so recently we made a collaboration
unfortunately he is working as a full time
multimedia exec and we still couldnt 
find time to complete this collab artwork. 

so as y'all can see my hubs is more towards
manly stuff and i am not sure what im into
since i can be super random at times
but most of the time i enjoy drawing female figures

so while waiting for the day 
where me and him could actually 
complete this collabo 
i started working on my part first .. 

rough sketch 

semi detailed sketch

thats all i have so far

im using surface pro 3 + autodesk sketchbook pro 7 
for this artwork 


thank you for reading

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